Projects that go beyond drive technology. 

Cultural competence enables the development of international markets for new technologies and traditional products.

Business Development

The sale of high quality products, be it food, technical products or technologies, need acceptance by potential buyers in new markets. 

We support potential exporters, we help with explanatory advertising, distribution and after-sales service in the target regions. 

You are an importer? We support you in building your international supply chain!

Plant und Spare Parts Management

Inventorying spare parts requirements in various industries is often tedious. 

For some time now, we have been working with KINGSBLUE, who first excellently catalog the requirements in complex plants and then use an innovative Spare Parts Platform to set up the procurement of spare parts digitally, efficiently and cost effectively.

Technology development

We maintain intensive contacts with leading research institutes in Germany and France (Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Aachen, Lyon, Metz, Strasbourg.).

Many gear manufacturing topics are advanced in close cooperation between universities and industry.

Powerskiving, lightweight design, structuring of surfaces with lasers, and deburring of components are topics that we support in industrial implementation.

Maintenance work and Training

We are regularly asked to provide on-site support to maintenance teams in industrial plants when damage occurs. 

Finding the cause of failures also often reveals the need for training.  

We regularly conduct on-site training at cement plants, mines, railroad operations and power plants.  

M&A Support

Due to our many years of experience in top management positions in small and medium-sized companies as well as in global corporations, in Germany, France, India and China, we can offer support in international M&A projects.

Most recently, we have completed such projects with investors or targets in Germany, Switzerland, France, India, Mauritania, China 
and USA.