Products for which we are passionate :

Do you have a project for internationalization ? We are happy to participate !

Drive Technology

For almost 40 years, Dr.-Ing. Peter Leoni has been working with gears and industrial gear systems. 

Increasing efficiency and reliability are constantly our goals in the design, manufacture and operation of drive systems worldwide.


In recent decades, the possibilities for monitoring a machine have improved tremendously. With the Internet, data is available everywhere at any time. 

We help to evaluate the increased data volumes quickly, securely and AI-supported.

Spare Parts 

The maintenance teams of industrial plants must have reliable access to spare parts.

The goal must be to precisely define the scope of the spare parts inventory and establish stable and flexible supply chains.

We can help with digitalization and internationalization. 

Beer & Wine 

Beer and wine are part of the culture along the Rhine River. The high quality is the result of the use of locally produced high-quality raw materials, precise further processing in production, careful treatment during maturation and storage. 

We are happy to support winegrowers and brewers
with the international marketing.

Mobility and logistics concepts 

Bicycle-friendly city centers, car sharing, streetcars, ICE and TGV, river transport, international airports - our region is often a pioneer and provides role models.

We have experience with projects on intermodal transport and connection of the hinterland via dry ports.